Our History

Hamels was launched at the start of the Millennium by Zig Wilamowski (Senior Tax Partner) & Ben Wilamowski (Managing Partner) with the aim of focusing on client service and continuity at all times.  We have now been running successfully and helping clients navigate through the complex maze of our ever changing tax legislation for nearly fifteen years. 

We believe that the key to our success is to operate a close knit practice with a carefully selected team of professionals that firmly adhere to the principle of putting the client first and ensuring that they are properly represented and advised at all times.  This is particularly important in the face of increasing scrutiny from HMRC and the aggressive compliance and reporting obligations which are increasingly being imposed on individuals by various international tax agreements and information exchange agreements.

We have seen huge change in the field of UK taxation over the last fifteen years but one thing has remained constant at Hamels and that is the adherence to the ethos on which the practice was founded.